The 4C’s of diamonds


All diamonds are different and no two diamonds are alike. A diamond’s quality and differences is set by its distinctive combination of characteristics which are known as 4Cs depending on Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.

Carat: As we know, everything is weighed in different measure scale hence the Diamonds is measured in “carats.”

Clarity: Almost entire diamonds contain distinctive clarity characteristics. Perfect diamonds are very high in prices and very rarely they are found.

Color: Without any color diamonds are extraordinarily unique. Most diamonds have a slight yellow or brown tint. GIA make use of alphabets to show the colors. This alphabet starts from “D” for no color and end with “Z” for light yellow or brown. Different Fancy colored diamonds are available in each color thinkable, are very uncommon. GIA have different color resulting system for color diamond.

Cut: whereas diamonds are available in totally different shapes, like spherical and many other, the word “cut” show its design. This “cuts” give a perfect shape to a rare stone and looks perfect in jewelry sets.
If a individual have information on a diamond then only he should go purchase of these expensive stone otherwise he contact some expert for this!

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Tips on buying diamonds

diamonds for sales

It is very precious and rare stone which is purchased with lots of sentiments. This stone is known as “Diamond”. There are different occasion and events, where Diamond plays a special role like wedding rings because it’s a biggest diamond event. There are still different yet wonderful moments in life which are honored with lovely sparkles with Diamond. These moments can be anniversaries, births, and engagement… the list for this moment is endless.

So, people search in different ways. There are different question arise in mind while thinking to purchasing the diamond. For the answer of these questions, there is a non-profit-making Organization known as “Gemological Institute of America (GIA).” They have created the well known 4Cs before purchasing a diamonds.

Choose a good diamond maker, a professional person or any skilled. Ask around, Search somebody who may be a professional gemologist, a Graduate Gemologist from GIA and the person should be related to with an expert jewellery association.

GIA’s information processing system provides complete information and data on jewellery. GIA even designed a special information processing system on the 4Cs. Knowing the information on 4Cs will give the communicating skill with the jewelers and will also have the information on this rare stones.

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mens watches on sales

If you’re looking to buy a new mens watch, then I can assure you that there are tons of different things you will need to keep in mind in order to pick up the best watch possible for your money invested. It’s not something you can do it effortlessly. In fact, many people lost their money because of this very subject. So, what’s the secrets here?

The first thing you need to know is that the most important feature of a watch is to keep you up with time. That means, it must be able to tell you exactly what time is it and when would be the next important events you have to attend. If the watch fails at this very function, throw it away!

Haven’t found out any decent mens watch yet? How about the following ones:

Another important aspect of a good mens watch that you should know about is the case of the watch. Why the watch case is important? It’s because if the case is not there, all inner parts of the watch and the dial will get crashed easily just by hitting the wall for example.

And last but not least, you should pay close attention to the watch dial window or the watch crystal. The crystal is an important feature that protects the watch dial from getting scratches and damages. It should be made of sapphire for the best outcomes.

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a great mens watch

If you’re thinking about buying a great mens watch for husband this holidays season, then I think you might have probably thought about what kind of watch you should pick up, right? But the truth is, buying a great mens watch that can make someone happy is not easy. So, today, I will share with you what I know about this very interesting topic.

The first thing you need to understand is that you’re buying the watch for your husband not yourself. So, the rule of thumb here is to buy something that he likes and would proud to wear everyday instead of buying something that you “think” is cute.

Don’t know what would make the best deal in this situation? Then have a look at these products:

Another thing you need to keep in mind when talking about this topic is that not everyone has the same tastes especially when it comes to the watches they wear on their wrists. If you think that your colleague has a great watch, then why not ask your husband if he likes that model as well.

And finally, there is one important thing you should think about, and it’s all about the budget you have for it. A new mens watch isn’t cheap. In fact, you would have to spend a few hundred dollars for a decent mens watch. So, get ready to burn some dollars!

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mens watches on sales

If you’re thinking about buying a new mens watch that actually works, then I think you should know about the following 3 useful tips that will surely help you pick up the best mens watch possible with your money.

The first tip you should know about is to always buy your watch online from reputable retailers such as Amazon, or buy directly from the online websites of the brands. For example, if you love having an Omega watch, then why not visit Amazon or the official Omega watch site to make your order?

Still unsure about what products to pick up? Then here are some great ones to consider:

Another great tip you should know about is to always buy the product when there are sales offs or other promotions going around. Doing so will make you be more comfortable picking up the watch since the product will be much more cheaper at those times.

And finally, if you’re still on a budget, I highly recommend you buy your preferred watch from the second hand shops. These used watches will be cheaper also. But make sure that you know exactly what you want to pick up since these products might not be as good as when they’re new.

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